The lawyers at E. Shiloh & Co. accompany their clients in a variety of commercial law issues and various aspects of commercial activities in Israel and abroad.

Our lawyers are working alongside teams of experts in the fields of economy, finance, industry and technology.

Our professional services varies from the negotiations to the establishment of corporates; consultancy to their managements; drafting documents of association and agreements covering a variety of issues such as employment agreements, distribution and commercial agency agreements, founding and establishment of ventures, cooperation agreements, franchise agreements, agreements in the field of foundation and management of business and industry, protection of trademarks and branding issues.

Our clients are start-up companies, commercial companies, industrial companies, entrepreneurs in the agriculture domain, elder-housing organizations and non-profit organization.

Tax issues that relate to our services are provided with the experts from the Law firm of Dr. M. Druker & Co. who provide the required professional tax solution to any legal structure chosen for the desired commercial purpose.

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