The most interesting mediation, in which we were involved, occurred in the 80s of the last century, during the war in southern Lebanon. A series of meetings was conducted in the Synagogue of the city of Compiègne (France), during which a Catholic priest studied Hebrew with Adv. Uri Shiloh, and had conversations about current events. At the end of one year of meetings the priest was interviewed to a local newspaper in France, and spoke about the special experience he had and told the reporter that through these meetings he made peace between Judaism and Catholicism.

Although the legal system sets tools to resolve almost any dispute by litigation, mediation can, sometimes, heal the conflicts in a quick and less painful manner. Based on this philosophy, a mediation unit was set up in our firm. The Mediation Unit deals with business disputes, family disputes through humanistic view and derived by a desire to help people, wherever they are, to improve their personal welfare.

The head of the unit is Adv. Nili Shiloh (LLB, MBA) who specializes in Marriage, family and business conflicts. She is recognized by the Israeli Association for Psychoanalytic targeted as a consultant for a focused change. The mediation work, especially in the family matters, demands special skills, and not only legal experience. Couples who choose to separate through mediation are accompanied through all the intensice meetings until an agreement is signed and the court approves the divorce agreement.

The mediation unit also specializes in resolving disputes between individuals, business organizations and the authorities (e.g. local authorities, governmental ministries etc.), and in resolving complex commercial disputes of various kinds.

It is worth noting that our team of mediators includes experts in business administration, economists, architects – all with in-depth knowledge of business, environment, planning and construction and economic issues.

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