Eliyahu Shiloh, rip

Attorney at law, Notary (1928-2017)

Born in 1928 in the city of Chemnitz, Germany, he immigrated to Israel with his family in 1932

Zehava Shiloh, rip

Attorney at law, Notary, Mediator

Attorney since 1960 Mrs. Zehava Shiloh has a vast experience in various real estate, Inheritance,

Uri Shiloh

Attorney at law, Notary, Arbitrator and Mediator

Attorney at Law and Arbitrator since 1985. practice: Litigator, Arbitrator and Mediator in a variety of

Lior Datz

Attorney at law, Architect

Mr. Lior Datz is one of Israel’s leading experts in planning and building and regulation


The Team

Nili Shiloh

Mediator, Attorney at law

Ms. Nili Shiloh is one of Israel prominent lawyers in the field of Marital and

Or Frim

Attorney at law

Admitted to the Israel Bar in 2013 Handles various litigation cases in penal, civil, commercial

Nitsan Fuchs Gafsu

Attorney at law

Attorney since 2013 Mrs. Nitsan Gafsou has extensive experience in the commercial and economic field.and

Lior Sternberg

Attorney at law

Financing and development specialist, commercial law expert, international commerce law between Israel and Brazil

Rachel Asulin

Attorney at law, Mediator

Practicing law since 2001
Specializes in family and inheritance law

Off Counsels

Dr. M. Druker & Co.

Attorenys at Law - Off Counsel

Dr. M. Druker & Co. is one of Israel’s outstanding law firms specializing in taxation law and also provides expertise in commercial law and real estate law.

Ayelet HaSahar Michaeli

Attorney at law

Practicing law since 1996 and Mediator since 2002
Specializes in all forms of zoning, planning and real-estate, enviourmental law and business licensing.