Founded in 1955, E. Shiloh & Co. Attorneys at Law is a well esteemed boutique law firm in Israel, which specializes in planning and construction law, property law, land law, litigation, arbitration, commercial law and innovation, family and inheritance law, and provides a variety of related legal services.
Since its foundation, the firm’s vision has been to provide creative legal solutions to our clients, both in their personal life and in their commercial activities, with an emphasis on professionalism and uncompromising honesty.
For years, the firm has been engaged in providing various legal services in a variety of land law, planning and construction, real estate and commercial matters, including complex real estate transactions, sales contracts, combination deals, urban renewal contracts, advanced construction and renewable energy technologies, farmers family agreements , and land tenure management.
The firm’s experts advise to real estate projects promoters, companies and public authorities on planning and construction matters, from vision to building including issues of outline plans and urban renewal plans, and provide full professional assistance coverage of all planning procedures, thus representing our client in the planning institutions, including objections, appeals and administrative litigation.
The real estate activity includes also other various topics such as: real estate taxation, Improvement duties, development duties, property and real estate registration.
Alongside classic planning and construction matters, the firm handles cases in the areas of litigation, commercial & economy, family law and in a variety of related domains and primarily in representing real estate disputes, neighboring disputes, family disputes, inheritance disputes, competition lawsuits, electoral laws, company law, labor law and general legal matters, transfer of family assets, wills and inheritances.
The litigation team represents clients in civil and administrative disputes in all matters related to our areas of expertise, including land co-ownership disputes, urban and rural boundary claims, construction deficiencies, contract disputes, commercial claims, discrimination claims, impairment and planning impairment.
The commercial & economy team specializes in establishing new corporations, consulting for all kinds of corporations (companies, cooperative societies and not for profit organizations), real estate investment transactions, valuation, consulting directors in the implications of the “Business Discretion Test”, implement “Business Intelligence” systems as a legal and control tool while implementing privacy standards. This team also consults in winding-up matters of corporations and family property.
We do our best to provide our clients with effective legal services, and thus each case is managed by a partner with extensive experience in the relevant field.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have been consulting to private property owners, companies, cooperative associations, general associations, entrepreneurs, contractors, business people, both domestic and international, insurance companies, technology and medical device companies, local authorities, planning and construction committees and more.


We believe that a professional, fair, and economically viable dispute resolution must be treated differently. This was the reason for us to set up an independent mediation unit in our office that includes a number of mediators. The team members specialize in alternative dispute resolution in a variety of legal, commercial, and family and couples disputes matters.

We remember

Unfortunately, in 2017, after 62 years of professional activity, Adv. Eliyahu Shiloh, the founder of the firm has passed away. 12 years before, in the year 2005 Adv. Eliyahu Shiloh, was awarded by the Israeli Bar for outstanding contribution to the law profession. His way and his vision are for us an unparalleled professional and human compass.

In 2020 after 60 years of law practice Adv. Zehava Shiloh has passed away.

May their souls rest in Peace.

We volunteer

True to the spirit and vision since the foundation of E. Shiloh & Co., our team members volunteer for public matters, both in the Bar and in other institutions and organizations, donating their time and experience even without consideration in order to promote human rights and the well fair of our country residents.


The firm has been collaborating with law firms abroad (France, Germany, England and Brazil) and since 2011, the firm has served as the Haifa branch of the law firm Dr. M. Druker & Co. which specializes in tax law, commercial and real estate law. M. Druker & Co. is one of Israel’s leading tax law firms and is recognized as a unique “boutique” firm, providing professional and creative solutions to a wide range of tax matters.


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