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Founder of E. Shiloh & Co. (1928 - 2017)
This video was created in 2017 by Aviv Shiloh, featuring Eliahu Shiloh RIP, Zehava Shiloh, Uri Shiloh, Daphna Ram, Nili Shiloh, the grand children, colleagues, friends, and clients. The video was first projected during the celberation conference that we held in June 2017 “Florentin or Berlin? 2017 real estate investments”.


Ayelet HaSahar Michaeli

Off counsel Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew. Education (ע) בוגרת לימודי משפטים באוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים  Specializations (ע) תכנון והבניה, רישוי עסקים (אזרחי, מנהלי…
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